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Yoga + Writing Classes

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Yoga and Writing


What do you know by heart? A poem, a quote from a movie or book, song lyrics, a phrase your grandma used to say. We all have something (or many things) that we hold dearly and/or remember for some reason or another. What else is held close to the heart? Those we love, those we’ve lost, memories of joy and sadness, worries or anticipations, futures we look forward to or dread. In February’s Yoga + Writing workshop we’ll explore matters of the heart in both yoga practices of mediation, pranayama and asana, but also in our writing.


As the days begin to lengthen and the cold wavers off and on, warming the heart through movement and care can be a way to move through the ups and downs. We’ll explore this in our February workshop through releasing tension in the chest and shoulders and listening inwards to our hearts to get curious about and listen for what it has to share.


This practice consists of a loose structure that looks like this: 20 min. intro and meditation - 60 min. gentle vinyasa (flow) asana practice - 30 min. guided writing portals to explore - 10 min. debrief/closing. Plenty of variations/modifications/adaptations of postures (asanas) and writing options will be offered throughout with the intention of grounding, connection, and embodiment at the root of the practice. No writing or Yoga experience is required to benefit from this workshop.

All are welcome!

$20 - 40 sliding scale

(you pick a price that works for you!) 

Reach out with questions/scholarship requests. I'm happy to work with you!

Sign up Here or reach out for more info.

Hope to see you!

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