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Yoga + Writing Classes

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Yoga and Writing

through the Viewpoints


Yoga + Writing through The 6 Viewpoints

Wednesdays 7:45pm-9:15pm

June 5, 12, 26 

July 10, 17, 24


This 6 week series will center around the practices of yoga and writing and how, through these practices, we can become more aware of our own bodies (sensations, feeling, location, etc.) and how they interact with the world around us including nature, other humans, the elements, and more. 


Mary Overlie’s Viewpoints (an embodied study originally discovered for the creation of performance and dance) will guide our time together and act as a grounding theme to each workshop. The 6 Viewpoints include exploring the “materials” of Space, Shape, Time, Emotion, Movement, and Story (The SSTEMS). Every week we will focus on a different material (The SSTEMS) and explore its connection to, and how it might deepen, our processes in the practices of both yoga and writing.


Each time we meet, we will follow a structure somewhat like this:


10 min: discussion

50 min: yoga practice, including meditation, pranayama, and asana

20 min: guided writing portals

10 min: reflection/optional sharing


The yoga practice will be a gentle flow with layers of personal choice and options meant to be adaptable to individuals’ needs and desires. 


The writing portals (prompts) will be creative in nature, but reflective and journal-like. Writing what comes up for you is encouraged. The portals are offered as a guide NOT rules to be followed strictly. 


No prior experience in yoga or writing needed before taking this workshop series.


Sliding Scale: $100-150 (choose a price that works for your budget!)

Past Yoga + Writing Series

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Yoga + Writing from the chakras 2021.png
In Reflection_ 2020 a yoga and writing c
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