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Yoga + Writing Classes


Anne Lamott says, “good writing is about telling the truth."  Truthfulness in yoga philosophy is known as satya;  a practice that is not always the easiest path, but often leads to potency, growth, expression and liberation.  

In this combined practice of yoga and writing, yoga allows us to get to the center of our truth and find flow, letting words unfold onto the page in a unique way. 


Check out the next Yoga + Writing workshop...

Taking a break from hosting workshops this summer (2022), but stay tuned for autumn yoga + writing workshop series! 

Past Yoga + Writing Series

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Yoga +Writing A Summer of
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Yoga and Writing Chakras 2020.png
In Reflection 2021 a yoga and writing workshop.png
Yoga + Writing from the chakras 2021.png
In Reflection_ 2020 a yoga and writing c