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Erin looks at the camera with an inquisitive look in this black and white headshot.



I’m Erin and I am glad you are here.   

The classes I offer encourage exploration and curiosity about being in the body you are in!  and knowing yourself better. 

In addition to yoga, I also study and incorporate other embodiment practices like dance, Body-mind centering and authentic movement in my classes.  


I am a writer, too! My current writing project, a zine called FLOW, is a collaborative, digital zine made to inspire reflection, connection and imagination.  You can read the latest issue here. 

Inner awareness, flow and merging of worlds are concepts that guide my work these days, as I explore ways to spark connection and make yoga a more inclusive and available practice to all.  


My intention in life is to keep a spontaneous spirit and a curious outlook; in staying open to opportunities for change and in the hope that change is possible. 


Check out ways to connect with me below.  I'd love to meet you soon to practice, collaborate or converse. 

Until then, 


Ways to Connect

Join a yoga class with Erin on Zoom here 

Sign up for a yoga and writing workshop with Erin here

Schedule a group session for your organization here 

Read some of Erin's writing here

Subscribe to Erin's Patreon and support her work here 

Check out Erin's additional projects here

Contact Erin here

Erin sits on a rock in a smooth lake on a summer day, looking out into the water and the trees ahead
Erin poses in a half split pose in a sunny yoga studio.  Her brown hair is in a ponytail.

Current offerings:

- flow-style classes that build mind body connection through pairing breath and movement (online and in-person)

- adaptive yoga and chair yoga

- trauma sensitive yoga

- yoga + writing classes that offer a unique experience of writing from a centered, embodied place to encourage reflection, expression and imagination

Current partnerships:

Bodhi Tree Studio (flow yoga)

Passion Works Studio (adaptive yoga)

The Gathering Place (chair yoga for mental health)

Serenity Grove (trauma sensitive substance abuse recovery)

CASA (resilience-focused chair yoga)

Erin sits on a cushion in meditation at the front of a class of yoga students with her eyes closed

"My very first yoga class was with Erin. I'm sure we all remember our first class, when we didn't know the vocabulary and felt out of our comfort zone. Erin was great that first class and made yoga seem safe and fun. Even years later, my favorite classes are Erin's. I always leave feeling physically and mentally refreshed. She has a unique way of leading a class that elicits feelings of community love and self love. She's the best!"

—  Colleen Carman

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