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Restorative Evening Retreat

Friday 7:30pm-8:30pm

December 1, 2023

Studio at 8950 Lavelle Rd

Join Erin Pfahler and Kim Valentour for an evening retreat of restorative yoga and meditation. 

To register: email Kim (

Winter slow flow series 2022.png
Winter Slow Flow 
class series

Wednesdays 11am-noon

at Bodhi Tree Studio or virtually on Zoom

January and February 2022

8 class series


Space is limited, please pre-register to reserve your spot.


Warm up and ground down as we head into the cold months ahead.  


This class series will focus on balancing the cold energy of winter by incorporating practices specifically meant to build heat (fire energy) and ground (earth energy).  Each class will consist of a slow-paced flow with detailed attention to breath, alignment, a variety of options for choice-based movement and themes to delve deeper into the meditative aspects of yoga, specifically for the winter season.  This class is suitable for anyone ready to discover or deepen their practice.  Let’s find balance together in the flow!

Sign up HERE

Yoga + Writing from the chakras 2021.png
Yoga + Writing from the Chakras
class series

was Mondays 7:30pm-8:30pm

October 18- November 29, 2021


A 7-class series and exploration of the subtle body energies and the seven chakra energy system. We will explore the different qualities held within each of these swirling centers in the body and how they work together to make up the many layers of the human experience.



Each class will be centered around one of the seven chakras and consist of a series of gentle yoga asanas (poses), meditation and guided writing prompts to learn more about what balance in the chakras feels like for you. By understanding each chakra better, balancing energy becomes easier and more natural. With awareness of these subtle energies in the body, a better sense of truth and intuition arises and our personal (yet universal) story begins to unfold in a way that feels aligned.



There is so much information regarding the many different chakra systems that has been handed down through oral tradition over time. This class series is meant to encourage exploration in embodied balance and study of this ancient wisdom through yoga, writing and reflection.

Autumn Outdoor Yoga.png
Autumn Outdoor Slow Flow
class series

was Wednesdays, 11am-noon

September 22- October 27, 2021

at Bodhi Tree Studio

This class series is an opportunity to embrace the beauty of the fall season with outdoor yoga on Wednesday mornings in late September + October from 11am -noon.


This flow style yoga class will incorporate mindful movements through a thoughtful sequence of seated, standing, balancing and reclined yoga asanas to safely build flexibility, balance, strength and a stronger mind-body connection.


The intention of this class is to connect to our bodies, nature and others as the season's change.

$50- for all 6 classes or $10 for individual class

Yoga +Writing A Summer of
Yoga + Writing : a Summer of Imagination

was July - September 2021

What the heck does A Summer of Imagination mean?  You tell me!     Although, you will get a lot of say in this, here’s what I have planned for us:  A summer-long journey of discovery through yoga, writing and well...imagination! 

   In this 3 month course we will gather virtually to practice yoga and write together to rejuvenate, free up space, imagine future realities in both writing and life... and more!


Weekly themes will range from writing about and exploring the art of wandering to character development (in both writing and life) to finding your voice through embodiment.  

Writing as a Meditative Practice.png
Writing as a Meditative Practice

Was Saturday April 17, 2021


In this hour long meditation class, we'll explore writing as a meditative practice.  Class will consist of a 20 minute guided meditation to settle into our bodies and ground.  We'll then move into 30 minutes of writing with reflective writing prompts to guide the practice and end class with some optional sharing and conversation. 

Spring Equinox Celebration 2021.png
Spring Equinox Celebration 

Was Sunday March 21, 2021


We (Erin Pfahler and Hannah Simonetti) invite you to gather virtually with us on the morning of the Spring Equinox to welcome the changing of the seasons through yoga, writing and meditation.

This virtual workshop will be a great way to honor nature's rhythms and connect on this day of equal day and night. With the theme of balance, we'll bring awareness to our internal worlds (mind, body and spirit) and our relationship to the outer world.


We'll explore stirring up stagnant winter energy through out the practice with some heat building postures, reflective writing prompts and introspective meditation.

Flyer for GP1024_1.jpg
Chair Yoga with The Gathering Place

Was on Wednesdays in February and March, 2021 4-5pm


Funded by The Gathering Place.  Join us for an hour of chair yoga.  We begin each class with a little community check-in and conversation about yoga, mindfulness, meditation or related topics.  


All are welcome!  Practice can be done from a chair or adapted to be done on a mat as well.  You choose! 


Finding Freedom in Structure IG.png
Finding Freedom in Structure

Was February 25, 2021 

Join Erin Pfahler, RYT 200 and Hannah Simonetti, RCST for an evening of introspection and embodied exploration of how structure, boundaries, routine, whatever you want to call it can actually free up time, energy and space.


In this 90 minute workshop we'll explore what this looks and feels like for you through the practice of yoga including asana (postures), pranayama (breath work), mindfulness and meditation.


Erin will begin class with a 60 minute gentle yoga practice with an emphasis on structure and freedom. We'll move slowly and have plenty of time in and between poses to feel into this balance. Hannah will top off the class with a 30-minute body-centered guided meditation centered around the principles of craniosacral therapy & trauma resolution.

Musical Meditation & Gentle Yoga

Was December 30, 2020

Gentle yoga flow with live ambient music by Ethan Bartman.  Let's close the year out with a little reflection, relaxation and meditation.  

yoga & meditation for stressful
Yoga & Meditation for Stressful Times

Was December 6, 2020


...Creating space in your busy schedule to slow down, unwind and check in with yourself can often feel like a gift of more time in the end.  We hope you can join us in doing just that!  

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