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Fata Morgana

A Collaboration with Courtney Kessel and Erin Pfahler

Majestic Galleries

Nelsonville, Ohio

August 27 - September 18, 2021

Like all good collaborations, we work together and love each other even when we are hungry, tired, or having a bad day.  Fata Morgana is the first installation from an ongoing collaboration between Courtney Kessel and Erin Pfahler about the stories we hold and carry in our bodies and how they unfold through connection, collaboration, and imagination.  


This project was ignited through hours of conversation on our front and back neighboring porches.  Our mini collaborations of dinners, dance parties, tincture making, sharing recipes (and ingredients) and pet sitting has brought us to this point of expression through the media of installation, performative photography and video, loops and edits, sparkles and glitter, herbs, books, books and more books.  


Fata Morgana shares a temporary, regionally-specific library sourced by women we know. We asked our friends to loan books that are near and dear to their hearts and minds. Feel free to sit and browse this amazing collection or listen to the audio as we read to you.


With love,

C & E

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