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Who is Erin?

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Hi! I’m Erin.  

In the midst of this balancing act of life, I move my body, practice yoga and write to stay grounded on my own two feet.  What started as simple stretching on a mat gifted to me by my brother when I was in high school, has gradually moved into a daily practice of yoga that has brought me stability, genuine curiosity and a felt sense of home in my body. 

That's why I do what I do; to share these practices that have made life feel... well, worth living.  

Alongside my yoga practice I have found a similar refuge in writing and other forms of creative expression; music, dance, and other mediums of art.  My passion for writing started young with journaling and grew while teaching Middle School Language Arts for a short time.  Writing has become a great source of creative nourishment that I like to share through workshops, classes and other projects.

Inner awareness, flow and the idea of merging of worlds are concepts that guide my work these days, as I explore ways to spark connection and make yoga a more inclusive and available practice.


I believe in keeping a spontaneous spirit and a curious outlook; in staying open to opportunities for change and in the hope that change is possible.

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